Quantex Group B.V.

The Quantex Concept: In business there are generally two ways to make money. Low volumes combined with high margins and the opposite; lower margins with larger volumes. Exactly this last phenomenon is the basis of Quantex. Quantex' European customers are mainly wholesalers and industrial parties, feeding the big chains in the field of Do-It-Yourself, department stores, mail-order- and grocery chains. But also professional markets are serviced with the Quantex products. The mentioned customers need enormous amounts of goods, whereby the volume aspect will mostly be the key issue. Therefore, what is important for Quantex is: "Volume against the right price + according quality standards + the best logistic organization possible." It will therefore not be any surprise that the Quantex concept is based on the famous wheel of retail. More than ever a sound reason to choose Quantex as the partner behind your success!

Art Hersteller
Telefon 0031/26 31951-62
Fax 0031/26 31951-63
Straße Gildestraat 13
Stadt 6883 DB, Velp
Land Niederlande
E-Mail info@quantexgroup.com
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